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Inspired by Wigtown's Harbour, I became interested in splitting the different elements of the landscape into separate plates. I then construct prints using different combinations of these plates, reflecting the compartmental way that we view and experience a landscape.


'The Harbour, Wigtown I' is an original hand-made collagraph print that uses 6 of these plates. Two of these plates (the sky and the water) are printed 'blind'. This means there is no colour added to the plate, so only the embossing from the plate is printed.


Please note:

All my prints are original limited editions. Due to the collagraph technique, no two editions of the print are identical. This means that you will receive a unique handmade print!


The print you receive may differ slightly from the image on the left. If you would like to see a photo of the exact print I have available please send me an email before you place your order.





What is a collagraph?


Please see my techniques page to find out more about how I create my collagraph prints.

The Harbour, Wigtown I




Variable Edition of 15
Image size - 17.5cm x 48.5cm
Mounted size - 39cm x 69cm

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