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Variable Edition of 40
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Rigg Bay X

  • 'Rigg Bay X' is an original hand-made collagraph print.

    The word ‘collagraph’ is taken from the word ‘collage’. Prints are produced from collaged plates with a highly textured surface, resulting in an embossed print.

    Firstly, I create a printing plate using textured materials glued onto card. My collagraph plates are created using anything I can find to create texture, from rice and couscous to wallpapers, sand, string, leaves, glue and plaster.

    When the plate is dry, I seal it then apply etching inks by hand. I place dampened paper onto the plate and run them through a printing press. My press is converted from an old clothes mangle.

    The pressure applied by the press transfers the image and surface texture from the plate onto the paper, creating a textured print.

    No two images are identical as I re-ink the plate by hand for each new edition of the print.
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